Trust – 2016 – (crédit photo : Rod MacIvor)

The artistic preoccupations of composer, musician and performer Charles Quevillon center on the contrasts between nature and urban life and the ritualization of sound and movement performance. He has studied six years at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal where he obtained his « Prix avec distinction » in composition. For seven years he has collaborated with choreographer Tedd Robinson on 21 projects including 5 hour long works in which he himself performs (Fable (2011)Room with sticks (2013), The 60 dancer project (2014), FACETS (2015) and TRUST (2016). He has performed those works in Canada’s biggest dance festivals (FTA, VIDF, CDF). In 2011, he was also nominated for a Dora Award for outstanding sound design for Robinson’s Sticks.

Locustes – 2011 – (crédit photo : Caroline Campeau)

Through this extensive collaboration, he has discovered a passion for movement and performs many of his own works himself, such as Corde à Vide, composed for a suspended musician at the center of a chime of plucked-string instruments. His holistic and multidisciplinary approach to composition has brought him to work with ensemble and musician that are also redefining music performance like Soundinitiative ensemble, the duet Altra Voce, Magnitude 6, Totems Contemporains et Émilie Girard-Charest.

Monsioeufs – 2014 – (crédit photo : Lou Scamble)

Moreover, he is very interested in musical creation for young audience. In 2016 he worked in collaboration with the NEM and Codes d’accès in a creative project with Jeanne-Leber school. He also works with Yves Daoust on the Fonofone, an iPad application dedicated to sound exploration for kids.

In 2016, he went for a three months residency in Tokyo Wonder Site to study butoh dancing with Yoshito Ohno and to begin the creation of a 90 minutes opera about love and the life in a Zen monastery.

Corde à Vide – 2013 – (crédit photo : Anne-Marie Amyot)

This year, he composed an album of experimental songs on the theme of the perception of consciousness and the senses that will be published as a cassette under Montreal-based label Jeunesse Cosmique.

Charles Quevillon is Artistic Associate with 10 Gates Dancing inc.